Knit Stitch

knit stitch

Also Known As

  • U stitch
  • Flat stitch

Even through the knit stitch and the flat stitch are technically different, both are presented under knit (k) because they can both be used for the knit stitch in needle knitting. Technically, the flat stitch is the same as the knit stitch in needle knitting, however some loom knitters find it difficult to knit this stitch loosely enough. It is important that you follow good loom knitting habits and wrap loosely or this stitch will make it almost impossible to knit after several rows. Try to use the same amount of yarn as you do with an k tbl (e-wrap) stitch. If you find that this stitch is too difficult to make loose, consider working the knit stitch instead.

  1. Bring the working yarn in front of the peg, above the existing wrap.

  2. Lift the bottom wrap over the working yarn to knit off the peg.

  3. Pull on the new wrap a bit with the knitting tool to make it looser.
  1. Bring the working yarn in front of the peg, above the wrap on the peg.

  2. Place the knitting tool under the wrap on the peg in the groove.

  3. Turn the knitting tool up in the groove and under wrap.

  4. Grab the working yarn by circling around the outside and then around its top catching it as you slide the tool down the groove of the peg. This will create a new wrap.

  5. Grab the new wrap with your fingers and pull up to take wrap on the peg off.

  6. Place new wrap in your fingers on the peg.

  7. Pull the working yarn to tighten the new wrap on the peg, if necessary.

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