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The follow stitch patterns are free to download. Directions for both flat panel and circular knitting are included. Whenever possible, a picture of the stitch is included to help you determine if it's one you'd like to do.

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While this stitch is commonly called the Mock Crochet Stitch it was originally known as the Z or the Z-wrap stitch. It was created by Tina Edgar of Pieceful Creations which gave birth to the Mesh Stitch. Tina has pictures of the blanket she made with the Mock Crochet Stitch, more information about the stitch and links to the PDF file here in her blog. If you would prefer non-PDF instructions, you will find them as well as the first discussion of the stitch here in her blog.

Thank you, Tina, for taking the time to work this out for the looming community.

Tina's Contact Info

Please let Tina know what creations you're making with her stitch. Visit her blog to find more patterns and tips & hints on loom knitting.

The pattern and pictures in the linked PDF file are property of Tina Edgar and Pieceful Creations. All rights reserved. Pattern is for personal, non-commercial use only. For information or questions, contact Tina at the e-mail address above.