Stitches for the Round Loom & Rake

Any stitch you can do in needle knitting you can do in loom knitting. It's just a matter of knowing how to do it. Written instructions are given for the each stitch and stitch pattern. If there's a stitch or stitch pattern that you'd like to know that isn't listed please contact us.

Stitch Divisions

On this site, stitches are divided into five divisions: basic, increase, decrease, crossed and miscellaneous.

Setting up your knitting

When loom knitting, it is suggested that you setup the stitches of your row before knitting off. Depending on what you are knitting, you may be able to get away with not doing this. But the more complicated your knitting is, the more likely that this will be required. Here's the suggested sequence of events for knitting a row:

  1. Starting out, each peg will have one wrap.

  2. Setup the pegs to match the stitches in the pattern. This may mean that some pegs will have no wraps, some will have one wrap, and some will have two or more wraps.

  3. If working e-wrap stitches:

    1. Wrap the row as normal. Some pegs will only have one wrap, some two and some multiple wraps.
    2. Do nothing with the pegs with one wrap
    3. Knit off the pegs with two wraps as you normally do in an e-wrap stitch
    4. Knit off the pegs with multiple wraps by knitting off the bottoms wraps over the top wrap.


  4. If working flat, knit or purl stitches:

    1. The pegs with no wraps should be e-wrapped and skipped
    2. The pegs with one wrap should be worked as a flat, knit or purl stitches as usual
    3. The pegs with two or more wraps should be worked as flat, knit or purl stitches knitting off using the multiple wraps on the peg as one
Coming Soon!

The following stitches will be uploaded soon:

  • Decrease stitches
    • krpr
  • Increase stitches
    • median
    • moss
    • raised
  • Stitch patterns
    • garter ridge stitch pattern
    • seed stitch pattern
    • double seed stitch pattern
    • single rib (half twisted) pattern
    • single rib (full twisted) pattern
    • k5 p2 ribbing pattern
    • k2 p5 ribbing pattern
    • downloadable more complex stitch patterns
These will be added to each stitch soon:
  • sample swatch
  • video directions