Stitches for the Knitting Board

The knitting board creates a warm, double-knitted fabric. Unless noted, stitches are the same on each side. Written instructions are given for the each stitch and stitch pattern.

How to Wrap the Board

To setup stitches on the knitting board, you will need to move back and forth across the two rakes. The pegs on the bottom are the "odd numbered" pegs and the pegs on the top are the "even numbered" pegs. If directions call for you to start on an even numbered peg, your next peg will be an odd numbered peg and vice versa.

On the board below, you can see how the pegs are numbered. If you are doing a diagonal wrap, the wrap will go around the outside of the peg and the stitch patterns will use stitches worked through the front loop. If you are doing a figured eight wrap, the wrap will wrap around the peg (e-wrap) and the stitch patterns will use stitches worked through the back loop. This is true whether the wrap is placed above of below the wrap already on the peg.

For example, Stockinette stitch pattern wrapped with a diagonal method calls for you to wrap every other peg from top to bottom with a wrap that goes around the outside of each peg. This means you will wrap the pegs in the following order going from left to right: 2, 3, 6, 7, 10, 11, 14, 15, 18, 19. For the way back, you will wrap the empty pegs in the following order: bring the yarn straight up to 20 then: 17, 16, 13, 12, 9, 8, 5, 4, 1.

Symmetrical vs. Asymmetrical Stitches and Stitch Patterns

Most stitches patterns on the knitting board look similar on both sides of the fabric. These are referred to as symmetrical stitch patterns. How are they similar? Here's an example:

Double Rib

  • Diagonal Wrap Method
    • One side: K3, *P2, K2; rep from *, end K3
    • Other side: K2, *P2, K2; rep from *, end K2
  • Box Wrap Method
    • One Side: K1, *P2, K2; rep from *, end K1
    • Other side: K2, *P2, K2; rep from *, end K2
The asymmetrical patterns will look different on each side, not similar like above. Here are a few that have asymmetrical patterns:
  • Crossed stitches (cross/twist stitches and cable stitches)
  • Asymmetrical Rib stitch pattern
  • Open Rib stitch pattern
In terms of how you wrap the board, symmetrical stitch patterns have a similar wrapping pattern going from left to right as they do going from right to left. Asymmetrical stitch patterns differ in each direction.

If there's a stitch or stitch pattern that you're interested in that isn't listed or if you would like to add a stitch pattern that you own the copyright to, please contact us.

Coming Soon!

The following stitches will be uploaded soon:

  • Basic stitches
    • elongated
    • slip stitches
  • Increasing/Decreasing stitches
    • adjusting the wrapping pattern when evenly spacing shapings
  • Stitch patterns
    • garter stitch pattern
    • herringbone stitch pattern
    • open rib stitch pattern
    • reverse stockinette stitch pattern
    • single rib stitch pattern
    • trinity stitch pattern
    • waffle stitch pattern
These will be added to each stitch soon:
  • sample swatch
  • video directions