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The following groups all discuss loom knitting in some fashion. The description of the groups is theirs, put here to help you decide which one(s) to join. Some of the groups are very active and you may want to read off of the web or in digest form (2-3 e-mails a day instead of 50-100). These groups are a great way to learn and a great place to trade patterns.

If there is a discussion group or forum you think should be added, please contact me.


Groups are listed in alphabetical order.

This group will be for board & rake knitting discussions only, sorry round loom knitters but you have enough groups to keep you busy (LOL). This will be the place that if you are new, experienced or just curious you can ask freely. I hope that this group will encourage, teach and help those who board knit & rake knit. In order to help with questions please let the readers know what type of knitting board, single rake or double rake, KK purple etc... your are using and if you know which stitch you need help with. This will make it easier for someone to explain and help you.

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Welcome to the world of knitting without needles. Come and chat about looms and knitting boards. Share and learn new techniques and discoveries. Everyone is welcome :).

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Frame knitting, rake knitting, loom knitting, knitting without needles, peg or peg-frame knitting, French knitting, or in Dutch: dassenbord: this group is for all aspects of knitting on a single or double knitting board or on a round knitting frame such as the "Knifty Knitter". Included (but not limited to): history of frame knitting, stitches on a knitting board or round knitting loom, how to make your own board, various board designs, loom tools, how various yarns work, and troubleshooting. Loom vendors are welcome!

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Come join others who like to knit with Knifty Knitter looms, and share your techiques and patterns!

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Do you like to loom knit? Do you enjoy getting to know new people? Do you enjoy exchanging packages and receiving things in the mail? If so, this is the group for you! This is an exchange group for members who use Knifty Knitters and looms in general. We also share projects, ideas and packages. There are various exchanges monthly, YOU choose which types you would like to participate in! Remember, if you cannot fulfill a particular exchange or time frame, do not sign up and wait for one you can fulfill! When requesting membership, you will be asked to answer a few questions before membership is approved, be sure to complete the questionnaire and return it.

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This is a group for LOOM KNITTERS. Not what you think!!! Knifty knitters, Flexiloom, and any other round or flat looms. Chat, learn from each other, have fun and knit, knit, knit. Be good to each other.

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Welcome to all who are lovers of loom knitting or any other type of knitting! This is a group where all may participate and determine how we want the group to be. The main difference in this and other loom groups is that we will allow (encourage), the use of incredimail or OE stationery and also allow attachments! So you can post any photos of your work or yourself or families, etc. We will still be able to have folders for photos on the website too. High speed internet is advisable since the emails will sometimes be large in size. When you join, feel free to share ideas and/or volunteer to help out with the group. Our goal is to have good, clean fun and be friendly with one another!

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LOVE'S MANY CLOTHS welcomes anyone who enjoys crafting and is willing to give to shelters and other agencies that help people who are less fortunate. We knit, loom or crochet cloths as a group and send to charity organizations.

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Rake Knitting-singles in round, oval, straight, or double rakes from pegs to cotter pins and nails, it's all great fun.

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For discussion of "Knitting Jenny" or round knitting looms. Long knitting looms and oblong knitting boards/bars/rakes are also top topics here! We can exchange patterns, tips, and sources of looms and supplies. Please share any information who have and any pics you have. Btw, I've discovered, "Knifty Knitters," "Decor Accents," "In the Attic," "Dream Board," "Knit-A-Round," "CindWoodCrafts," "BigStep," "Zoom loom," and even more. In only a few months, over 300 people have joined this group. And an obscure and little known "old fashioned hobby" takes off. IN fact, it becomes the "hottest thing online right"? Well it did!

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Bienvenue dans l'univers des Tricotineuses du Québec et d'ailleurs (TQA). Ce site est dédié à tous les loisirs créatifs, dont le tricotin fait partie. Nous vous invitons à partager notre passion! Vous le verrez au fil du temps, le site s'étendra à plusieurs autres centres d'intérêts avec son forum "Très Arts" en participant,vous en verrez davantage! Une visite vaut bien un petit mot et ce petit mot est très important!