Where to Buy Looms On-Line

The following are a few places where you can buy looms on-line. Brands and types of looms available are noted in the description. If there is a store you think should be added or if you would like to adjust the description of your store, please contact me.

N.B.: Listing on this site is not necessarily an endorsement. Items sold on each site are subject to change.

Sells round and triangle looms, one gauge.
Sells knitting boards.
Sells knitting looms with movable pegs. 88, 86, 44 and 24 pegs per loom. All loom 1/2" from center of peg to center of peg. Look under "Accessories" for the looms.
Sells knitting boards, rakes, round & oval looms and s-knitting boards. Many gauges available.
Sells Knifty Knitters.
Sells adjustable looms, round looms & rakes, and knitting boards. Many gauges available as well as Knifty Knitters. Free patterns available for their looms.
Sells adjustable round looms and adjustable knitting boards as well as many different types of knitting tools.
Sells round looms, one gauge.
Sells knitting boards.
Sells square and triangular looms, one gauge.
Sells Flexilooms.
Sells Knifty Knitters, Zoom Looms, Cindwood Looms, Butterfly Looms, Decor Accents looms, Spools, etc.
Sells round looms & knitting boards. Many gauges available.
Sells spools, Knifty Knitters, Butterfly Looms, Portable Knitting Boards, Yarn Arounds and Authentic Knitting boards. Look under "Knit Without Needles" and "Tools of the Trade".
Sells adjustable double rake, round looms & rakes, rug rakes. Many gauges available. Site also contains free patterns for their looms.
Sells Butterfly looms, knitting boards, Knifty Knitters, six peg knitting spools, and Pocket Knitters.
Sells knitting boards, one gauge.
Sells adjustable knitting boards.
Sells Zoom looms, Knifty Knitters, Butterfly looms and Fashion Weaving Loom.
Sells knitting boards.