Open Cast-on Method

The Open cast-on method uses an anchor yarn between the first two wraps to keep the cast-on open so that you can either crochet the ends or pick up the stitches to work at a later time. The anchor yarn should be long enough to reach across your knitting plus several inches on each side. It generally is a different color yarn that the project to help you differentiate between it and the stitches. Thank you, Pat Novak, for taking the time to work this out for the community.

Tools needed

  • Knitting board
  • Knitting tool
  • Anchor yarn
Before casting-on, review the good loom knitting habits. It's important not to wrap tightly.

  1. Tie a slip knot leaving a 3-inch tail and place on the first peg of the stitch pattern.

  2. With your working yarn held in your right hand, wrap each peg in the pattern needed for the first stitch pattern.

  3. Lay an anchor yarn down across the board on top of the first wrapping.

  4. Repeat step 2 and knit off.

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