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The following are a list of loom knitting books currently available either new or used. Books marked with an asterisk (*) are not loom knitting books. Some books are just too good not to list here! If there is a book you think should be added, please contact me.

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Knitting looms are flying off the shelves in craft stores because loom- knitting is such an easy craft to take up—it can be learned by both children and adults alike in just a few hours. If you have fond memories of spool knitting (a round wooden spool with a central hole surrounded by four small nails) when you were a child then you know how easy it was to create yards and yards of knitted tubes. Today‘s loom are just as easy and fun to use!

Widely available in craft stores, looms come in a variety of shapes and sizes, some are circular, others rectangular, some tiny and some large. The size of the loom dictates the size of the knitted piece although you can easily join smaller panels together to make larger items.

This book is designed as a hands on project resource as well as an essential reference for the growing band of loom knitters. Clear step by step illustrations throughout show how to cast-on, bind-off and knit a wide range of stitches on both round looms and knitting boards. Practice projects are provided for each technique, and there are more then 30 attractive patterns to get the crafter started.
  • the first book to provide patterns for an increasingly popular tool
  • comprehensive techniques and information provide the essential back-up manual to supplement the minimal instructions that come with the looms
  • over 30 quick and easy patterns for sweaters and accessories
  • written by an expert in the field
An Alternate Selection of the Crafter’s Choice Book Club
Contains 6 patterns: Patterns Include:
  • Six Square Afghan
  • Cozy Boucle' Afghan
  • Easy-To-Make Popcorn Afghan
  • Crib Sized Popcorn Afghan
  • Crib Sized Popcorn Afghan
  • Blended Stripe Afghan Includes 6 all new aghan patterns to create with the Yarn-A-Around.
Now, a book dedicated to the “how to” of frame knitting. Whether you are using a knitting board, knitting rake, or knitting loom for the first time or you are an experienced frame knitter wanting to expand your knowledge, this knitting how to book will have you knitting amazing fabrics in no time. You can now stop searching the internet for the answers and start knitting on your knitting board, knitting loom, or knitting rake. This how to book has illustrated step by step instructions for a multitude of stitches and techniques for use on these knitting frames. With over 150 color photos and charts, you’ll learn more than 6 methods of casting on, 4 methods of binding off, and many knitting board stitches and techniques. You’ll learn a number of ribbing stitches and various ways to purl. This book includes instructions on the techniques of dropped stitches, slipped stitches, crossed stitches and cables. It includes a section on various types of increases and decreases and how to use them in creating ripple patterns, chevron patterns, and lace patterns. It has information for both single sided and double sided knitting.
  • Learn 7 stitches
  • 20 patterns for the Old Fashioned Knitting Board
  • Each pattern teaches a new stitch or technique
  • Learn how knitting boards, knitting without needles, compares with knitting with needles
Get all (8) of the newest Easy Patterns for the Mini Board. Great ideas for many gifts includes Multi-Colored Belt, Cozy Baby Booties, Thin Ribbed Scarf, Knit Coasters, Colorful Tote Bag, Cozy Slippers, Bold Striped Hat, and Classic Striped Scarf. Size is compact at 6" X 7" which makes it easy to pack in your tote bag. All beginner type patterns using Stockinette or Ribbing Stitch patterns. Illustrated in full color. Various yarns used.

A great buy for this fun little book.