Needle Knitting Books

The following are a list of loom knitting books currently available either new or used. Books marked with an asterisk (*) are not loom knitting books. Some books are just too good not to list here! If there is a book you think should be added, please contact me.

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This primer uses clear, step-by-step instructions to teach the basics of knitting. Beginners will learn to master the techniques that are needed before starting a project and learn which choices result in successful garments. A natural progression of skills is taught, and each skill is punctuated by a knitting project, enabling first-time knitters to create simple scarves and sweaters. Patterns are presented in an accessible format, with text, photos, and line drawings to offer advice, anticipate difficulties, and provide rescue techniques.

Picking up where The Knitting Experience: Book 1: The Knit Stitch left off, this primer on the purl stitch uses clear, step-by-step photographs to guide beginner knitters through unique knitting projects. A natural progression of skills is taught, and each skill is punctuated by a knitting project, enabling new knitters to create an entire wardrobe featuring jackets, sweaters, hats, socks, and mitts. The book acts as a knitting coach, offering advice, anticipating difficulties, and providing rescue techniques. Patterns are presented in an accessible format with ample text, photographs, and line drawings. While this book is written for the new knitter, more advanced knitters will enjoy the knitting projects as well.

The closest thing to a knitting coach, this primer on knitting describes simple approaches to choosing, using, and wearing color. Knitters move from being intimidated by the choices to being excited by the possibilities as the skill-building chapters put color into practice. Clear, step-by-step photographs lead knitters through a progression of new methods punctuated by fabulous and fun projects to knit. The 36 designs range from simple to classic to unexpected and are presented multiple times showcasing different techniques, mixing and matching to yield more than 80 total projects. With advice, tips, and techniques, this tutorial inspires learners to take their craft to the next level.

Classic how-to book covers everything from winding yarn and fundamental stitches to making patterns and garments, blocking, etc. with over 250 technique diagrams illustrating every basic step and pattern.

A widely used instruction of classic knitting patterns-and how to create them. Patterns, illustrated in charts, diagrams and photographs, range from cross and cross-over motifs to lace knitting, medallion knitting and filet lace.

The ultimate reference for knitters at every levelstepbystep directions and detailed instructional illustrations cover every aspect of knitting knowhow. Includes a special "help!" section for the inevitable mishaps, and shows how to correct errors.

It would take dozens of knitting books to give you the information you'll find in just this one! With input from over 50 specialists, all with years of experience in the industry, no other book covers the field so comprehensively and with such authority. Every single technique was meticulously researched, written, and tested by Vogue Knitting's editors; every one of the more than 1000 swatches, photographs, and illustrations was created specifically for this encyclopedic manual. The great attention to detail of content and organization of material increases its usefulness and value: chapters are color-coded for easy reference, and begin with a quick overview of all the information contained within. Do you need guidance on yarns, needles, and tools; basic techniques and specialized applications; explanations of knitting instructions (including terminology)? It's in here, along with diagnostics for correcting errors, directions for circular and double pointed knitting; advice on working in color; tricks for blocking, assembling, and finishing; plus fashion sections with up to the minute designs for sweaters. It's the first and last word in knitting!

Starting with the basics, From Needles to Hook provides the clues to solving the mystery of changing knit pattern stitches to crochet. Each chapter guides you from one step of the process to the next.