How to Reuse Yarn that You've Frogged

Once you've knitted yarn and frogged it, it's yard to reuse it with other yarn of the same type and lot because it has been stretched. By soaking the yarn in cold water and letting it dry under tension, you will be able to reuse it.


  1. Unwind the yarn into a hank.

  2. Tie the yarn with in several places with pieces of yarn 4-inches in length. This will keep the yarn from getting tangled.

  3. Fill your sink or a small container with cold water.

  4. Place the yarn in the water making sure that it is completely wet.
    N.B.: If your yarn could use a washing, this is the perfect time for it. Put some soap in the water such as Eucala or liquid detergent. Make sure to thoroughly rinse the yarn by empty the container/sink and refilling multiple times until there is no soap left in the water.
  5. Gently squeeze the water from the yarn.

  6. Hang to dry with a weight attached to the bottom to straighten it out. Don't use too much weight. Plastic hangers should be enough.

  7. Let the yarn dry overnight.
Once the yarn is completely dry, you can roll it into a ball with your ball winder.