Interested in making your own yarn? Spindles are an inexpensive and easy way to get into spinning. If you decide to make one of the CD spindles below, you can buy the rubber grommets from Ace Hardware. In the US, the SKU for a rubber grommet with an ID 3/8" and an OD 5/8" is 55055-E. The SKU for a rubber grommet with an ID 5/16" and an OD 5/8" is 55056-F.

Make a simple spindle using a compact disc, a dowel, a cup hook, and a rubber grommet. These instructions were originally published in the Spring 1999 issue of Spin•Off.

From Knitty Gritty, episode DKNG-202.

You can make a simple spindle using recycled compact disks, a grommet, a small eyehook and a wooden dowel.

Make a simple, inexpensive spindle using a toy wooden wheel, a dowel, and a cup hook.

The Lisard Utlralight is a very inexpensive, almost disposable, drop spindle you can make yourself. Being very both light (the standard model is 8 grams) and with most of the weight on the rim of the over-size whorl, you will be able to spin very fine yarns more easily. Bamboo skewers are not perfectly straight, and cardboard is not perfectly rigid, but the whorl size and light weight more than make up for this. Because you can inexpensively make it yourself, you can customize the length and weight to suit, and experiment with different configurations of whorl size, weight and placement as well as shaft length.

This brochure teaches you how to spin, and informs you about the techniques, tools, and terms you need to know.

This brochure teaches you how to spin yarn using both a high whorl and low whorl spindle.

Spin Off's step-by-step instructions on how to spin yarn using a hand spindle. Each step includes color photos.

Drafting techniques to use with a spindle to get the type of yarn that you want.

This helpful chart is comprised of rough estimates gathered from experience and a number of other sources.

Spin Off's Approximations for Plain Yarns