Crochet Bind-off Method

Also Known As

  • Open bind-off
  • Tube bind-off
The Crochet bind-off method, also known as the Open bind-off method and Tube bind-off method in circular knitting, is similar to the Knit bind-off method but it is done by crocheting the wraps on the pegs of the loom instead of knitting with the knitting tool. It is used to create a tapered end. It can be used with either circular or flat knitting.

Tools needed

  • Round Loom or Rake
  • Crochet hook

  1. Knit your piece to the desired length.

  2. Starting on the opposite side of where you working yarn is, take the last wrap from that peg and place it on the crochet hook.

  3. Place the wrap on the next peg on the crochet hook.

  4. Crochet a single chain stitch with two wraps by drawing the furthest wrap on the crochet hook through the nearest wrap.

  5. Repeat steps 2-4 for each peg creating a single chain with the wraps.

  6. After crocheting the last wrap, cut a 3 inch tail off the working yarn and use the crochet hook to pull the tail through the last stitch.

  7. Weave the ends into the piece.

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