Knit Bind-off Method

Also Known As

  • Flat bind-off
The Knit bind-off method creates a neat and firm edge. It is the most common bind-off method used on the loom and the easiest to learn. It requires no extra tool other than what you use for the loom itself. It also know as the Flat bind-off method and is similar to the Crochet bind-off methods but it is done by knitting on the loom instead of crocheting with a crochet hook. Be sure to use the ssk decrease stitch instead of the k2tog decrease stitch or the bind-off will be too small.

Tools needed

  • Round Loom or Rake
  • Knitting tool

  1. Start with the side opposite your working yarn. PIck up the second-to-last wrap and place it on the last wrap.

  2. Knit off.

  3. Move the wrap to the empty peg where the second-to-last wrap used to be.

  4. Repeat steps 1-3 for the remainder of the wraps, always placing the second-to-last wrap on the last wrap and knitting off.

  5. When you have reach the last wrap, cut a 6-inch tail off the working yarn and pull through the last stitch pulled off the loom.

  6. Weave the tail through your piece.

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