Purl Bind-off Method

The Purl bind-off method creates a firm edge. It works in a similar fashion as the knit bind-off method except that it uses the purl stitch. It is useful for binding off a project that is knit in reverse stockinette stitch or one that has a garter stitch at the end. It can be used with either circular or flat knitting.

Tools needed

  • Round Loom or Rake
  • Knitting tool

  1. Start with the side opposite your working yarn. PIck up the last wrap and place it on the second-to-last wrap.

  2. Follow the P tbl directions to purl through the back loop.

  3. Repeat steps 1-2 for the remainder of the wraps, always placing the last wrap on the second-to-last wrap and purling through the back loop.

  4. When you have reach the last wrap, cut a 6-inch tail off the working yarn and pull through the last stitch pulled off the loom.

  5. Weave the tail through your piece.

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