Single Crochet Bind-off Method

Also Known As

  • Flat Piece bind-off
  • Single Chain bind-off

The Single Crochet bind-off method creates an elastic edge and is good for non-resilient yarns such as cotton and silk.

Tools needed

  • Round Loom or Rake
  • Crochet hook

  1. Starting on the side of the working yarn, place the last wrap on the crochet hook.

  2. Crochet a single chain stitch with the working yarn and the removed wrap by bringing the working yarn over the top of the crochet hook from back to front, catching the working yarn with the hook and turning the hook a little towards you to keep the yarn from falling off. Then draw the yarn through the removed wrap that's on the hook.

  3. Place the last wrap on the crochet hook. You now have two wraps on the crochet hook.

  4. Pull one wrap through the other so that only one wrap remains on the crochet hook.

  5. Repeat step 2.

  6. Continue down the loom, repeating steps 3-5 until you are left with a single wrap on the crochet hook.

  7. Cut a 3 inch tail off the working yarn and use the crochet hook to pull the tail through the last wrap.

  8. Weave the ends into the piece.

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