Long Tail Cast-on Method

The Long Tail cast-on method is similar to the e-wrap method except that you use the tail of the yarn to knit off the first row. This creates an even edge instead of a loopy edge like you get with an e-wrap cast-on perfect for ordinary edges.

Tools needed

  • Round loom or Rake
  • Knitting tool
Before casting-on, review the good loom knitting habits. It's important not to wrap tightly.

  1. Tie a slip knot leaving a 3-inch tail and place it on the anchor peg.

  2. E-wrap the entire loom for circular knitting or the number of pegs you need for flat knitting. See e-wrap cast-on for instructions. When finished, add on a couple of inches to the working yarn and hold the spot in your hand to keep it marked.
    You need to make sure that you have enough yarn to wrap the length with your tail.
  3. Unwrap all of the pegs. Make sure to keep a good hold of the place where you ended.

  4. Tie a slip knot where you are holding onto the yarn and place it on the first peg first peg if you are circular knitting and the last peg if you are flat knitting. Let the long tail fall down to the front of the loom.

  5. Follow the directions in the e-wrap cast-on to wrap the loom. Anchor the working yarn on the anchor peg.

  6. Using the long tail, e-wrap the pegs needed for your project.

  7. Each peg will now have 2 wraps on it.

  8. Knit off.

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