Purl in Stitch Below

p in st below

This stitch is completed in a similar fashion to the purl stitch except that the stitch directly below the current peg is purled and the wrap on the current peg is dropped.


The trick to doing this stitch is to ignore the wrap on the peg and while purling the stitch brought up.

  1. From the inside of the loom, lift the stitch directly below the current peg up with your knitting tool.

  2. Place the wrap onto the peg.

  3. Bring the working yarn in front of the peg, between the two wraps.

  4. Place the knitting tool above the top wrap in the groove of the peg.

  5. Turn and slide the knitting tool down into the groove under the wrap.

  6. Grab the working yarn with the knitting tool by circling around the outside and then around the bottom catching the working yarn as you slide the knitting tool up the groove of the peg. This will create a new wrap.

  7. Grab this new wrap with your fingers and pull up taking both wraps off of the peg.

  8. Place the wrap you are holding in your fingers on the peg.

  9. Pull the working yarn to tighten the wrap on the peg if necessary.

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