Garter Stitch

garter stitch

The garter stitch is a common stitch made up of two rows: the first row is the knit stitch and the second row is the purl stitch. It creates a stretchy fabric. If you would like a firmer fabric, knit into the back loops by using the k tbl (e-wrap) stitch. In the directions below, you can use either the k tbl (e-wrap) stitch, knit stitch or the flat stitch. The chart to the right shows a combination; you should, however, pick one of the stitches and stay with it. The chart is just an example. The tip below has a nifty short cut using the k tbl e-wrap) stitch in the directions. It will save time and not cause as much fatigue while knitting.


See Reading Charts if you are not familiar with how to read a pattern.

Worked over any number of sts over 2 rows

  1. R1: Knit across.

  2. R2: Purl across.

You can knit both rows at the same time saving time and decreasing hand fatigue! Thank you, Isela Phelps, for taking the time to work this out for the community.

  1. E-wrap needed pegs so that there are two wraps on each peg.

  2. Starting on the side of the loom where the working yarn is, knit off the first peg (bottom wrap over the top wrap) and then purl the peg. Your working yarn will not be at the next peg.

  3. Repeat step 2 for each of the pegs.

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